The start of the rest of my life

Day 1: I don’t remember doing it and I don’t know why but what I do know is I ended up in a psychiatric hospital as a result of it. I’m still processing it all. My initial feelings are of guilt, confusion and sadness. I’m not with my wonderful wife and two beautiful young daughters. I can’t leave my small room – at least not for the isolation period for Covid, and I can’t have visitors. Covid has obviously impacted the life of a metal health inpatient too. What I do know is I agreed to come here. And I know I need help. I’ve lived with my demons for as long as I can remember, and managed those demons from time to time. Sometimes things have escalated. I’ve drank excessively to block out the pain. I’ve tried to run away. I’ve gone within myself and blocked others out. I’m at a point of no return now. I don’t like being in this place and I want to go home as soon as possible.

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

One thought on “The start of the rest of my life”

  1. I didn’t realize you have a blog but I read your intro and it is excellent, I myself entered into a psychiatric hospital not by choice I was remanded there for a 72 hour hold over the morning I woke up in that small room like you with cameras on me to make sure I wouldn’t try to hang myself with the bedsheets was my first day of sobriety September 18, 2002

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