Georgia, Aged 5

Day 105: Being a Daddy is such a tornado of emotions. Plenty ups, plenty downs and a lot of time in the middle. You can be having a pretty bad day and they manage to do something which makes you smile and forget your worries. Well, most of the time. One Friday evening in January my 5yr old passed me a note she had completed on her own at my study desk…

Translation: “To Daddy, I love you very much and from my heart. You’re not great, you’re my best, best, best Daddy in the world”

What Georgia doesn’t know is the night she wrote this for me I was secretly drinking Irish Whiskey that was hidden in my bedroom wardrobe. She could see me drinking but she was none the wiser what it was. I was struggling a lot and when she handed this to me it really upset me and I felt so guilty that I was failing her as a Daddy. I couldn’t see the love and light she was handing me because I was so lost in my own depression. Once she went to bed that night I drank even more to try and numb the guilt and the pain.

The note has been in my Journal on my bookcase for the last few months but I read it again this morning. The best present your children can give you is their pure kindness and love. Georgia didn’t know how unwell and unhappy I was when she passed me the note but here I am today looking at it again – I’m Sober, Happy and Thankful for my family including my beautiful daughter Georgia, now aged 6.

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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