Day 232: I’m off to Yoga soon. It’ll be my third week since taking it up. I’m the only bloke in the class and my ability to follow basic instructions is still in the ‘novice’ category but apart from that it’s all good! I love the simplicity of just turning up with your mat, finding a space and taking off your shoes and socks. The instructor is supportive and good at mixing it up but not too expectant of the whole room as there are people of varying ages, physical abilities and I dare say medical problems. I used to enjoy Gym classes like Metafit, Bodypump, Spinning, etc when I had a membership at the local Bannatyne Health Club but I found most of those classes quite unfriendly and cliques developed. There always seems to be an ignorant, snobby feel about the people at that club. At least with this class you are pretty much expected to go within yourself and it’s about your body and mind for the 60 mins. I like that. I run on my own, cycle on my own and walk on my own. Clearly Yoga is perfect for me. I just like being on my own when it comes to exercising!

I’m still stiff. Not so bendy. Not so stretchy. A bit of a typical “35 year old runner bloke who works at a desk” body-esque’. I can do Dolphin but not Camel. I can do High Plank but not Heron. Extended Puppy and Downward Dog are nailed but I’m scared of Lizard and Seated Forward Fold.

Let’s keep at this Yoga malarkey and see if I can ever achieve One Leg Pigeon and Seated Straddle.


Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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