250 Days… Completed it mate!

Day 250: I try not to get too absorbed in ‘milestones’ with my sobriety because I live my life one day at a time but my wife often reminds me to cut myself some slack and appreciate how far I’ve come… so here goes!

250 consecutive days without a drop of alcohol in my body. Not a lick. Not even a sniff. The closest I’ve come to alcohol has been a 0.0% alcohol free equivalent beer. I don’t even touch the 0.5% “alcohol free” stuff. There you go, I’ve patted myself on the back.

‘One day at a time’

Typically yesterday was a bit of a struggle – the day before my BIG milestone! I was never close to drinking but I was in a foul mood (mainly agitated off my trip to the football to watch my team get beat) and seeing dickhead fans at the stadium and surrounding areas causing bother. All pissed up of course. Day 249 turned out to be one of my worst days in a while.

On reflection, it comes to something when the worst I have to navigate through is a bit of sober moodiness. It’s all relative though. No point in me bashing myself because “people have it worse”. That was my problem in the past. I used to bottle up how I felt because I looked inwards and saw that I had a wonderful partner, mortgage, job, mates and a comfortable life. That comfortable life wasn’t so comfy when I was necking whisky in secret and ending up sectioned though.

250 days ago I was a mess. I was vulnerable. I wanted my life to end. One day ago I was pissed off but I got through the day and made it to today. Today has been a mixed bag so far. I’ve spent the day indoors. I’ve did 30 mins of yoga in my front room. I’ve just had a cheese toastie for lunch. I cleaned my gold necklace. Ive purchased my 2 year old’s Peppa Pig witch costume off Amazon for Halloween. I’ve also been feeling under the weather. Sore throat. Lethargic. It’s a mixed bag but that’s life!

Sundays used to be a day of drinking. It still is but I’ve swapped wine for water.

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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