Recovery Posse

Day 266: Just a flying visit from me today as I’m conscious I haven’t posted as often on the last week or two. I’ve been active on my Happy Daddy Twitter account though – loving engaging with other people in recovery and sharing the benefits of sobriety. #recoveryposse is the place to be on Twitter – such a positive and supportive group unlike many other aspects of Twitter.

Started today with my usual sun salutation yoga stretches soon as I got out of bed. Went a bit too far with my stretch though and pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. Been in agony all day. The school run was arduous and sitting at home on my laptop for work was painful. My wife goes to college straight from work on a Tuesday so it’s been a long old struggle for Happy Daddy! Get the violins out people 🙂

I had all intentions of hitting 10,000 steps today, popping to the local tip with some rubbish and a 5km run. None of those have been achieved and it’s put me in a bit of a stinker all day. I like to do what I have planned and deviating from a plan has always been difficult for me and sometimes detrimental to my mental health – especially in the work place where I have to accept that unplanned change at very short notice can occur.

All that said, the old me would have had a good glug of single malt whisky tonight to numb the pain so at least I haven’t turned to the devil juice. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and an early night will suffice.

Been thinking about Christmas too over the last few days. This time last year I was in a bad place with my drinking and depression – I ended up in A&E after an episode in the house where the police and paramedics were called. I was close to being sectioned on that occasion but I took time off work, kept in touch with my GP and tried to knock booze on the head. It was a false dawn though and I continued to struggle right through the festive period into 2021. I look at family photos from Christmas 2020 and I look so lost, unhappy and vacant. I’m looking forward to a happier family break this year and plenty of self love.

I’m off to rest. Have a good few days and I’ll check back in later this week!

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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