A Poem about being Pissed

Day 326: “And here’s one I prepared earlier…”

“Waking up thinking about that first pint later

Off to the ‘local’ – A quiet one on paper

Meet with my mates, I’ll just have a few

Of course I’ll have more, I already knew

I lie to myself, my wife and my friends

A few drinks is never what I intend

I like to get tipsy. I like to get pissed

I like to get giddy. I like to get blitzed

I start drinking faster, not about the taste

Eye on the clock, no time to waste

Where should we go next? Pub closing soon

It’s pitch black outside, just me and the moon

Mates all gone home, they bottled staying out

I’ll go back home but more drinking no doubt

I’m already pissed. I’ve had eight beers

I’ll just have one more – Ah, thank you and cheers

Sitting on the couch I should be in bed

Got work in the morning and need a clear head

Oh I’ll be alright, I’ll go to sleep soon

We only live once and I’ll be sober by noon!”

My life revolved around going out to the pub but it was less about the company and more about how much I could tank in that ‘window of opportunity’. A quiet few pints at the local boozer could never be just that.

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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