The Good, The Bad & The Crazy #1

Day 355: Hey gang. I thought I’d put together a weekly review of what’s been going on as a Husband, Dad and everything in between. If this was a reality TV show and I’d been eliminated I guess this would be ‘my best bits’ montage.

The Good: Been running loads this week and feel pretty motivated despite the rubbish weather we keep getting in North East Enger-land. The fundraising page for my five running events is starting to get a few donations too which is fantastic (

Was back at Yoga this week too which is a perfect time in the week. 5:30pm class on a Wednesday as soon as I finish work. I always come back home feeling mellow and as if I’m floating. Hoping to squeeze another class in too over the coming weeks.

Mentally I’m much better than I was last week. My mood is much better and I’m not as agitated and fatigued. I’m still not firing quite how I’d like but it could be a multitude of things. Running out in the freezing cold every day in shorts and a vest probably doesn’t help!

Joined my first Recovery ‘Space’ session on Friday night and really enjoyed it. I’ve been looking for a group meeting of sorts that was online and not AA. A group of fellow sober folk run a Friday evening Twitter Space (pretty much like a Zoom) where you can listen or join in. I sat back and just absorbed the stories, the advice, inspiration and camaraderie for 90 mins. I know social media gets a bad rep but #recoveryposse on Twitter has been such a positive thing for me in my journey so far and now I potentially have a safe space group to hook up with on Friday evenings.

The Bad: Both daughters continue to battle the after effects of their chest infections. It’s been weeks now and both are still coughing and having rough days. Worst time of the year for this kind of stuff. Just means night time’s have been more unsettled for me and my wife with the girls waking a lot, ended up in our room and vice versa. I’ve slept in pretty much every room in the house this week. My wife’s back went earlier in the week too so she’s been off work laid up so it’s been a bit of a struggle in the main!

I’m just sick of the weather in general. It’s great even in the winter to get out and about even if it’s just to the park but we’ve been seemingly getting storm after storm after storm. The wind is not letting up either. I’m hardly asking for sunshine and a tan, I just wish him upstairs would turn the wind tap off!

The Crazy: Couple of things my daughters (aged 2 and 6) have asked me or told me this week…

“Daddy, you are gross” – My 2yr old. I have no idea where she learnt that word

“Why do girls have big boobs when they’re older?”

“It’s to do with having babies. Mammies can feed babies milk from them” – was my on the spot response

“Ooo I’m going to drink my own milk then” – As my 6yr old takes her top down and starts sucking her own nipple!

I made the mistake of saying to my 6yr old daughter in the car “Oh, that piece of music is from Schindlers List” as we drove along listening to Classic FM. As you imagine it was a question relay for the next hour and me in my wisdom went down the blunt factual response route. My wife interrupts us back in the house overhearing me explaining how the concentration camps worked and why the Nazis were killing Jewish people. Thankfully it’s been a few days and no nightmares yet. I do need to filter my parenting sometimes. I forget they’re not at that level yet.

Oh and one final thing. I spent a fun 3-4 hours trying to make contact with HMRC this week. Long hold times, cut off, dead ends on the website and misdirection by the Live Chat. You’d think they would make it easy for people trying to actually give them money. Boris and Rishi certainly seem to need it from us! Oh well, it’s sorted now but a stronger man would have tax evaded!

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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