Our Addictive Voice

Consider this…

There are two different parties to your addiction — you and “it,” the addictive voice.

“It,” the addictive voice, is simply any thinking, imagery, or feeling that supports any use of alcohol, drug, binge eating, gambling – ever.

By cleverly using YOUR intelligence, you can recognise that thinking, imagery or feeling isn’t you but in fact your addictive voice.

I used to drink when I was stressed, anxious or depressed – but I also drank to be sociable or to give me a ‘buzz’. I didn’t always have a bad relationship with alcohol but there is no denying the fact (the science!) that we are consuming an addictive substance that suppresses our central nervous system and our immune system. The after effects of consuming are never beneficial to the body and mind and over time, as with me and many others, it takes over your being.

However, by identifying that your addictive voice is in fact the part of you who is pushing you towards the drink, you can start to take control back and overcome the desire to consume.

Simple? Of course it isn’t. We are cutting out an addictive substance which has enjoyed freedom in our bodies and mind for a long time.

But by introducing ‘Rational Recovery’ and the ‘Addictive Voice Recognition Technique’ (AVRT) to your life you will discover how the difference parts of your brain interact to result in your addiction, you will finally understand (1) why you have continued to drink or use even though it is against your interests, and (2) what you can do to stop your addiction, starting now.

Let’s be honest though – You need to want to end your association with the drink, cocaine, weed, etc. There’s no point in starting the programme if you don’t want to change. And I mean REALLY change. Not just because you are on the come down or hungover and feel sick. Once that hangover passes and you start to feel normal again ask yourself the question;

“Am I ready to stop drinking / using for the rest of my life?”

Not just today, tomorrow or for the next week. Rational Recovery is the long game. It’s a lifestyle change and trust me, it’s an all or nothing approach. Are you in?

Ok, so I probably sound like a salesman here. You hear and read this kind of shit all of the time don’t you? Whether it’s the latest miracle diet, that magic pill to help you sleep or that book which will turn you into the best parent of all time.

I’m just telling you how I know it though – AVRT isn’t for everybody and if you don’t want to cut that glass of wine on an evening or pints down the pub with your mates out of your life then fair enough, you aren’t in the minority – most of society drinks and will continue to drink. Some people will be responsible with drink, many aren’t. But one thing is for certain – You might think alcohol is bringing a benefit to your life but it isn’t, it’s your addictive voice telling you this.

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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