Cake, Toilets & Pumpkins

Thought I’d check in and share my last week or so for those of you who don’t follow my tweets on Elon Musk’s new toy to be.

My week started great as it was my birthday on Monday and I took the day off work so I could enjoy the occasion for once. I had a nice morning to myself (run, coffee shop and book store) before heading for an excruciating yet somewhat satisfying Sports Massage. Apparently I had a lot of ‘knots’ in my lower legs. Not anymore! I took the kids for ice cream after picking them up from school before meeting up with Mrs Happy Daddy and enjoying Dinner at a local Italians.

Unfortunately the week started to unravel a bit from there. I was at the football in nearby Sunderland on Tuesday evening and just couldn’t get settled when I got home at 11pm – Probably too wired from the brain activity of the driving, watching the footy and engaging in conversation with others. I can’t blame the alcohol anymore!

I had a very poor night’s sleep and then on Wednesday my youngest daughter woke up for school vomiting so as any fellow parent knows, this completely screws up your routine. My wife works from 8am and I do the school run for both children as the school is in the same village as where we live and I currently work from home full time. Calls needed to be made with grandparents and we managed to get something sorted but I had to push my shift back and cancelled my Yoga class – ultimately staying online until late evening (I’m blabbering on and whining about trivial things, I know!) but I’m trying to give you a deep look into my life. Seriously. Haha.

Anyways, Child No.2 is still ill on Thursday. I’ve had a bad night again and then I start feeling off. I even joke with my workmates on a team call that I’m feeling shivery (not like me) and nauseous. By 5pm I’m vomiting up bucket loads and it isn’t any better below the waist either – I’m confined to the top floor bedroom with a glass of water, a few buckets and numerous towels. I’ve had Gastroenteritis a few times in my adult lifetime and thankfully this didn’t develop into full blown Gastro like in the past but nonetheless it was still a nasty stomach bug. My wife took on the sole parent role with me in ‘isolation’ only to start vomiting herself by about 10pm. You couldn’t write it! Basically it was just a ticking time bomb until our oldest daughter, and the final member of the household would succumb to the evil bug which had infiltrated our humble abode.

Friday was a right off work-wise for the both of us and fortunately both bambinos were well enough for school. I slept from 9am until 3pm with no interruption and thankfully woke up feeling a lot better than I did albeit still wiped out.

As you can probably predict, after school pick up and back home we finally had a ‘full house’ of victims as my oldest child (No.1) started vomiting. Safe to say the electricity bill will be even higher this month with the amount of loads the washing machine / dryer has churned through for us. I forgot to mention that we had a House Cleaner at our place on Thursday afternoon giving the place a deep clean only for three people to then be vomiting in tandem for 24 hours after they left. I guess it would have been a little cruel to ask for a refund!

The weekend has at least allowed some kind of shift back to relative normality. The weather isn’t the best around here so we have stayed indoors in the main although we did all brave a cold but dry morning at a nearby Pumpkin Farm to stock up on all kinds of the Squash.

A diverse group of Pumpkins at my place!

So all in all it’s been a crappy week (pardon the pun) with sprinklings of pleasantness but I’m sober, the house is over the vomiting and I’ve got myself a plan of attack for the week ahead which includes a trip to London with work, a 10KM Race in a Forest and finalising our Family Christmas Diary. I’m also thinking seriously about doing my first Marathon in 2023. I used to run Half Marathons but my last of those was 2019. I think I’m gonna go for it. Anyway, Christmas…

Yes, I said the ‘C’ word…

Author: Happy Daddy

A married thirtysomething Dad of two young daughters navigating my way through life a day at a time

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