Happy Daddy’s Poetry Corner

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This is where I share my inner Byron… or maybe I’m more Oscar Wilde! Enjoy…

A Poem About Being Pissed

“Waking up thinking about that first pint later

Off to the ‘local’ – A quiet one on paper

Meet with my mates, I’ll just have a few

Of course I’ll have more, I already knew

I lie to myself, my wife and my friends

A few drinks is never what I intend

I like to get tipsy. I like to get pissed

I like to get giddy. I like to get blitzed

I start drinking faster, not about the taste

Eye on the clock, no time to waste

Where should we go next? Pub closing soon

It’s pitch black outside, just me and the moon

Mates all gone home, they bottled staying out

I’ll go back home but more drinking no doubt

I’m already pissed. I’ve had eight beers

I’ll just have one more – Ah, thank you and cheers

Sitting on the couch I should be in bed

Got work in the morning and need a clear head

Oh I’ll be alright, I’ll go to sleep soon

We only live once and I’ll be sober by noon!”


I live with hurt in my head

Can’t put it to bed

It beats me up inside

When I want to beat it up instead

I have so much good, so much brilliance in my life

My job, my daughter and my beautiful wife

So why can’t I smile and push the demons aside?

They are always reminding me that this is my ride

A journey of ups, then plenty of downs

A journey of smiles but plenty of frowns

Running Far

Feet on the floor, stepping out of the door

How far I’ll go today. I don’t really know

Rain on my forehead, wind in my ears

Time to forget my stresses and all of my fears

No music for me

No podcasts this time

Just me and my thoughts as I begin to climb

Up those big hills, then back down again

How far will today take me?

My own special zen

An Ode to Fee

Mornings with you used to be a pain
Hungover and tired but never again
I hated those days, just you and me
Nothing against you though, it was me you see
Head was all over, I needed a drink
I didn’t of course now that I think
I was very unhappy, with myself not you
Life was a pain and parenting was a chew
My moods were all over, I’d want to be alone
I should have been grateful with all in my home
But depression is complex and beats you right down
Alcohol was the medicine to mask over my frown
You and your sister, your Mammy there too
You deserved better than what I put you through
I finally hit rock bottom just as you turned two
But as you turn three I’m right here for you
No more blurred vision
No more missing days
I’ve loved your third birthday in so many ways
You’ll never really know how unwell Daddy got
But I’d rather you grow up knowing even if it isn’t a lot
I still remember that day you came into my life
I was immediately in love with you and so proud of my wife
I’ve never not loved you and I’d do anything you see
To keep you safe and happy, feeling positive and free
Despite all my struggles it was me, never you
But now Daddy is better, no really, it’s true

An Ode to G

You will always be my first born and will forever have that place, I still remember vividly the first time I saw your face

You changed my life forever from the first time we ever met, You changed me from a boy to a man, my new role was finally set

I continued to have my struggles but I kept them all from you, I was good at being a daddy but if only you’d really knew

I’d drink to keep me smiling, I’d drink to keep me fun, I’d drink to stop me crying, drink in the bath after a run

I drank because it numbed me from the pain I felt inside, whilst your arrival, love and presence helped keep your Daddy alive

I didn’t face my demons, for years I let them win, Having you kept me going but so did drinking gin

Now I’m clean and sober, it took me long enough. My focus is on our family and making myself mentally tough

I love you more than you’ll ever know and will always be here for you, at least I know from this day on I’ll always be sober too

Family first, that’s me now and to give you a great fun life, to make memories with you and memories with Fearne and memories with Mammy, my wife

Beautiful girl inside and out, a bookworm just like Dad. We have such a laugh and sing and dance and there will be plenty more milestones to add

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