Rational Recovery Hub

A Quick List of the Posts I’ve written about Rational Recovery and Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT).

Could AVRT work for me? (26 September 2022)

The Cure for Addiction (14 September 2022)

Our Lying Addictive Voice (15 August 2022)

Is Addiction a Disease? (08 August 2022)

AVRT v AA (25 July 2022)

Recovering Rationally (16 July 2022)

I Will Never Drink Again (27 June 2022)

Trimpey’s Little Book (19 April 2022)

Beastly Thinking (23 March 2022)

The Rational Recovery book by Jack Trimpey is the singular most important book I have ever purchased and read. It has given me the tools to manage my alcohol dependency. The book is generally available on Amazon and the price point varies between £8-12. It is the only book you need to buy!

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