Sunday’s Giant Peach

Day 327: I promised myself that I would be thankful each day for rising, living and going to bed. For my family, my friends, my job and my second chance.

2022 is the year I want to do at least ONE thing for ME every single day and document it so I can reflect back and appreciate my self love. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures. Just a little bit of me time or a gift to myself.

Here’s how the first nine days have gone…

01 Jan: A 5km Run with no headphones or time keeping 

02 Jan: A fell run (trail running) in the mud and deep woodland. Very messy and very random

03 Jan: A relaxing afternoon nap and a chapter of my new book ‘Sunshine warm sober’ by Catherine Gray

04 Jan: Practised pranayamaujjayi breathing (using only the nose) whilst driving alone and listening to my favourite Piano playlist. I needed to reduce my anxiety levels and it helped

05 Jan: First Yoga class of 2022. I’ve missed it!

06 Jan: Booked my entries into the Great North 10K and Sunderland 10K Road Races. I haven’t participated in events since 2018

07 Jan: Very cold and icy outside today but persevered and got another 5km run under my belt

08 Jan: Kids went over their Grandparents for a few hours so I lay on my bed and watched my football team (draw 3-3 – so it was entertaining) and then read a few more chapters of my book (see 03 Jan)

09 Jan: Sunday is Running Punks Run Club Day. Enjoyed a 7km today

Remainder of Sunday looks pretty relaxed. Chicken Family Dinner and maybe a film. My oldest is reading Roald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach” with me at the moment so she wants to watch the film they made back in the 90s. I can only find it on Sky Store though for £7.99!

A Childhood favourite of mine

I have subscriptions with Sky, Netflix, AppleTV, Prime Video and Disney+ but it isn’t on any of those. Typical.

Oh well, what’s £7.99?! It was just one of many bottles of wine I’d normally consume on a Sunday back in the day.

365 Days for Me

Day 319: Firstly, Happy New Year and all the best for the year ahead! I spent NYE in my PJs eating an Indian Takeaway and watching World’s Strongest Man.

In 2022 I’ve decided I’m going to do at least one thing FOR ME each day. It’s so important that we look after ourselves. Our Mental health. Physical health. Mind and body. Even the smallest gift to ourself each day can make a difference. We can’t care for others if we don’t care for ourselves!

Today I’ve been for a 5.5km run. Running is one of my favourite ways to switch off and unwind so I suspect it’ll regularly be my ‘go to’ for my daily self care. I haven’t actually ran beyond 5km in recent months so whilst it might not be much further physically it’s mentally a step forward as I aim to get back to 10km distances.

I hope I record at least one positive thing each day, all year – even when I’m ‘busy’ or feeling low. Especially when I’m feeling low. It could be Yoga, going for a walk, reading a chapter of a book, making some banana bread or listening to an old album I love. There are no rules. Just something that makes you smile and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

When I was in hospital last year I was in such a bad way mentally that just getting out of bed and having a shower was my daily goal. Then it was shower, make the bed, get some clothes on. Then it was shower, make the bed, clothed and compete a crossword! – There wasn’t much else I could do in isolation in my room!

Hopefully you will do something similar this year. We only get one shot at life so let’s give ourselves a head start each day.

What have you done for YOU today?